Teens and Grief Through Photography- Part 3

bleachers copy

The crowds have left and I stand there waiting for you to walk down and take me home. The bleachers are empty though and you are nowhere in sight. I know I didn’t see your face while I was cheering, but I was just hoping you had slipped in. I don’t know why I keep hoping! I know you haven’t stepped foot in that gym in a while! I remember how you used to smile at me and I knew I would do all right. And I still know you are watching and cheering for me in another place, but you’re just not here! You’re just not here to hug me and tell me I did a good job. It was weird, the other day I thought I saw you sitting there during the game but it was just my imagination! Boy, this gym sure looks empty without you in it! Well, I better run home before Mom gets worried. I love you Daddy. Oh, by the way, I have one question…..Do they have basketball games in heaven? -Written by me at 16


Teens and Grief Through Photography- Part 2

Table copy

What is the difference in these two photos? You can obviously see the main difference….there is one less place setting on the bottom photo. But do you know why? I do. I am reminded everyday of it by the pain that he is no longer here. He was taken from me and I am only 16. He is going to miss so much now! He is my father he wasn’t supposed to die! He was my strength and my hope. He could always tell me what I should do. Who can I turn to now? I mean I have my mother and my friends but it is just not the same. I was Daddy’s little girl, his only child, the light in his eyes. I feel so lost now that he is not here. I think of him everyday though and his light is still shining down everywhere. -Written by me at 16

Teens and Grief Through Photography- Part 1

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As we start a new year I cannot help but look back at the past. Sometimes to see how much I have grown and other times to remember the moments that have shaped who I am today. When I was in High School my father passed away from a long battle of cancer. My mother being the wonderful woman she is was dead set on me getting some type of support. We tried a few things but the one that hit the nail on the head was a support group held by the Hospice of Wake County. My mother knew my love for photography and thought that I could use this to help process my grief. The group was called Teens and Grief Through Photography. Instead of your normal support group we would be given photography assignments and then were asked to write what these photographs meant to us. We then as a group shared our photos and our stories. A selection of our photos where then put on display and traveled around to different locations. It was a great concept that shaped my life in more ways than I knew at the time. In fact it was this group that allowed me to truly process my feelings and guided me towards my job as a Child Life Specialist.
I thought with the new year I would share with you the three photos that made it to the show. Now I will say that the quality of them is not great because they are pictures of pictures. This photo is all about pictures of me and my dad throughout my life and the saying reads “You gave part of your life to the Coast Guard, but you gave your Love, Patience & Example to me.”
The next two photos had my words in the frame but will just write them below so you can read it.

The Light of Christmas


As the Christmas seasons winds down, I started to look back at the various photos I took. This photo represents to me all that Christmas is. Hidden within all the family time, traditions, and celebrations is a burning light that reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas. It is this light that guides us everyday and makes every part of our life more meaningful and wonderful.

The background

This is my first post so please give me some leeway as I am still trying to figure this out.

For Christmas this year I was given a new camera that has completely re-sparked my love for photography. My brother-in-law Brian suggested I display this passion by creating a photography blog so here we go. My goal is to post various photos I take. Some will be the originals and others will be edited. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. And thank you for growing with me throughout this process.